8 September 2012

Google Apps Summit Day One

I kick off the Google Summit with the wrong workshop. Ho hum. Anyway, despite not being the workshop I wanted to go to, I decide to stay, as it is about digital storytelling. So the leader said - the learning intention for the workshop was not clear however. He was very full of himself, his abilities, how long he has been using Drive - basically, how goddam awesome he is, man!

I learned little due to their being no clear outline or direction other than sharing how fabulous he was. I did learn some little tips though - mainly how NOT to be so self-absorbed and egotistical. Other things I learned that I will use:-
- WeVideo
- Sound File Site

The second session is a fest of useful links in a session about collaboration. Here are the choice ones:-

Google Hangout - up to 10 people conferencing at one time
Google Hangout on Air - broadcasts and saves your hangout
Transl8it.com - to use for text speak
Flubaroo with forms for sharing feedback etc.
Wikispaces - for those without gmail accounts

The third session is about the creation of scripts to help save time in forms etc. This was a lot more advanced than the previous two sessions but really taught me something new - in particular, I learned how to set up autoresponse emails when forms have been submitted. Plus, I can set up auto emails when the form has been submitted. This will be great in particular for my EE website, where I do not have time to check in and out of the form, then keep track of where learners are up to and what I need to email them next. I am going to set up this up straight away!

My final session of the day was about Google Reader, which I already have but don't use enough. I got some great ideas about how to set up bundles of feeds that I can set up for learners to access for homework. There are some great Apps, such as Flipboard, which means I can access these on my phone. It will also be a great place for me to subscribe to my learner Blogs once they are set up.

Overall, a great day - some stuff reinforced and some new stuff learned with some ideas of how I can implement and use some of the tools to help enhance learning as well as help me manage my delivery and management of courses.

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