6 September 2012

Twitter: Grade 7

I stumbled across a Google Doc of teachers adding details about classes wanting to use Twitter to communicate. Always up for a challenge, I decided to try it out and join in.

My Grade 7 class are awesome - lapping up all the new ways of learning I throw at them, and in four short weeks have gone from learners who sat in rows and were spoon-fed to autonomous self-regulating 21st century learners. Who better than to experiment with social networking tools? I set up a class email on my domain and used it to open a Twitter account for them.

In class the next day, we all logged on - I wasn't even sure we could all be on at once. But we could - and together they customised it, we added a photo and figured out ways of Tweeting that would be helpful. We then looked at the Google Doc and found some other Grade 7 classes from around the globe to follow. They were really excited and I am sure we can develop it into a useful tool. I also think it is a good step in practising being online before our Blogs go live.

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