12 January 2013

Ten Tools Challenge

Just now, I came across a Tweet asking me to take a Top Ten Tools Challenge. OK, so it wasn't asking ME directly, but it 'spoke' to me. I have tried very very hard over the past six months to pare down my trialling of new tools. I can spend a mere ten minutes on Twitter and end up with a million (OK, so I am a little prone to hyperbole today) new tools signed up for that I ened up coming back to a month or so later, trying to resign up, only to discover I already have an account but had forgotten about it or never found the time to try it out. So I limited myself to trying out a new tool seriously, at a rate of one per term and only once I had gotten the hang of it and its uses and limitations, was I allowed to try another. I did, almost, mostly, nearly, stick to this and it meant I really got the hang of Edmodo, Picasa, Blogger and Mural.ly last semester. Yes, I know, that is two per term, but it IS an improvement.
THEN, having just started my New Year ordering frenzy, and having just taken order of my first new toy - a Wacom Bamboo Touch & Pen tablet - this challenge arises. How perfect. It gives me a little more scope and will allow me some focus; trialling one new tool and blogging about it is a great way to channel my energies and share what I am experiencing with my learners.

For those of you who may be interested in taking part too, go HERE and add your Blog link to the comments at the bottom.

Ten tools in one year? Challenge accepted!

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