27 January 2013

This is why...

Following hot on the heels of my last post that lead me to the conclusion that I do love what I do because, as came to realise, "how many people can say they have a truly positive impact on another person's life as often as educators do?" I received an email, completely out of the blue from an ex-learner. I taught her three or four years ago whilst working in the Middle East and have not heard from her since. She was stunningly beautiful and stood out in more ways than one. Her always unique and often inappropriate free-spirited ways made her one of the most memorable learners I have come across and I found it funny that she suggested I may not remember her. She felt the need to point out where and when I taught her, little realising the impact she had on those around her. She needn't have said more than her name. I know who she is exactly. I remember the day she left school, coming and hugging me because the comment I had written on her report was one of the 'nicest things any teacher had ever said' about her. The pleasure of this email comes both from it being totally unexpected and from knowing that it seems I made as much of an impression on her as she did on me.

"I confess you sort of came to mind when I stumbled upon Hurt - Johnny Cash on my iTunes playlist. You played that once in one of our Literature classes and I recall we asked you to play it again and again. I never got the chance to tell you that you were one of the most inspiring and amazing teachers I've ever had. It took me 3 years to realize that (better late than never right?). I want to take this chance to thank you, in some way you molded me to the person I am and the person I will become. You taught me English for 2 years and I have a profound respect for literature untill this day."

This is why I love what I do. I help to empower new generations to find who they are, where they might want to go and to go out into the world and be. This is why I put up with misunderstandings, criticisms and hurt. This is why I work too hard, think too much and live my job. 

This is why...

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