13 March 2013

Almost there...

What is a 21st century classroom?

The time has come! For the past few months, Grade 7 and Grade 8 have eaten, slept and dreamt about this moment - the final presentation for the Senior Leadership Team happens ON FRIDAY!
Our soundboard

I have been really impressed with the engagement and dedication of the learners who have been working during their breaks to get together and rehearse and edit their presentation, ready for the deadline.

In preparation and to ensure the presentation can be the best possible showcase for all their hard work, learners presented their final ideas to five volunteers made up of teachers, parents and the head of primary, who kindly gave up their free time to support and help us. This afternoon, our 'soundboard' came along to watch the final presentation and give some critical feedback via a Google Form developed from our co-constructed rubric.

All Octopus's Garden Project presenters were really nervous as they have worked really hard and it was the first time they had showed anyone else their work. However, they were kind and supportive of each other and did a really great job. I was really proud of them - though we still have some work to do. Their comments, questions and feedback were encouraging and helpful - and now we have some great advice about how to improve for Friday.

Soundboard completed Google Forms to give feedback
The project team will work on final adjustments and rehearse a few more times before finally presenting on Friday afternoon - and then we will celebrate with a party after all the hard work - what an awesome way to end a fabulous term!

Watch this space to find out if our pitch is successful!

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