8 June 2013

Reflecting on the year

As the last week of the year fast approaches, I thought I would take five minutes out of my writing to reflect on the progress and achievements of the year. I have found this year to be challenging on many levels and want to focus squarely on the successes - as there have been many - to allow me to see what truly matters as all too easily, we forget the good stuff when the tough stuff gets us down.

In terms of teaching, I have successfully designed and implemented my first project-based learning project, which was recognised as excellent in the field and so I was asked to contribute to future course design of PBL projects. I also collaborated and delivered my first Global Project, also recognised as leading in the field.

I have continued to explore and understand how technology can enhance teaching and learning in the English classroom and successfully helped implement the 1:1 scheme using Edmodo as a learning portal. I set up and managed learner and class blogs to enable learners to have a global audience, and took part in my first Quadblogging project.  I have had guest speakers in class to share their expertise and have collaborated with Grade 5 and Grade 2 teachers and learners. I have also helped facilitate the formation and establishment of the school council who are already making an impact.

I have built an excellent PLN online through Twitter and learned how to curate through tools such as Pearltrees and Diigo, and learn and contribute through Twitter and Blogger.

In terms of professional learning, I think I have surpassed last year's massive learning curve, and learned more about myself, others and education than perhaps I have in my previous eleven years. This academic year, I have successfully completed these courses:

- IB DP extended essay category 3, IBO
- IB DP English B category 1, IBO
- Designing New Learning Environments, Stanford University
- E-learning and Digital Cultures, The University of Edinburgh
- Google Summit Singapore

these professional learning opportunities:

- led PL on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
- led PL on Google Forms for AfL
- spoke at The Hands on Literacy Conference Singapore
- moderated the Flipped Learning Network
- moderated #satchatoc (from later this month)
- virtual book club: Professional Learning in the Digital Age

and these teaching qualifications:

- Google Apps for Education Qualified Teacher
Flipped Class certified teacher
- Project-Based Learning certified teacher
- Flat Classroom Teacher certification

AND, to end the year, I have started my MEd in Instructional Technology at UMUC.

Far too often, we get weighed down with the hard stuff and forget how much difference we may have made. I have had a wonderful year in many ways; I have learned with some fantastic colleagues both on and off line, shared incredible moments with my learners and seen them progress massively over the course of the year ,and had some wonderfully positive feedback from both parents and learners who do appreciate the hard work.

I am looking forward to ending the week on a positive note as all my learners complete and submit in-depth and independent research projects that are well-researched, clearly expressed and coherently organised. We will end with some presentations to showcase their fabulous work and be excited for the many opportunities we can create next year.

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