17 August 2013

Spilling Ink - Writing Journal Agreements

Writing Journals

I started reading an awesome book today. 'Spilling Ink' is aimed at children and encourages them all to become writers. I got about half way through by the pool this morning. I tend to fold down pages where there are great ideas I want to return to (I know this is will irk some people, but this is my method). As you can see, I folded down almost every page.

It has so many great and workable ideas I can use in the classroom that I know will help them find who they want to be as a writer. I am so excited about sharing them with my learners and to see their progress. We start our journals next week - this weekend, learners are buying their own or decorating the one I gave them ready to be filled with their scribbles and musings.
Learner Agreement

As I launch, I will provide a writers agreement. This is a combination of ideas from both the Spilling Ink book and another book I read recently, 'Notebook Know How'. It consists of a learner agreement, which they will sign and have witnessed - this will be stuck into their journals - and my agreement, which is conditional on their keeping to their agreement.

Both books have given me lots of great ideas to get my learners writer and playing with language. I hope to share some over the course of the year.
My Agreement
I will also be using some ideas from 'Rip the Page', which I started using last year. You can read about that here.

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