7 December 2013

iPad Prepared Certification

I have recently blogged about completing the Chrome Classroom certification offered through Sophia.org in conjunction with Capella University. This course covers the use of Google Apps for Education and how to create a collaborative cloud-based learning environment.

Earlier this year, I also wrote about the Flipped Classroom certification course also offered for free on Sophia.org. This covers how to flip your classroom, a pedagogical approach benefitting many children as the usual learning that takes place in the classroom, happens before class, at home. The teacher is then freed up to support the class as they put into practise that learning. This is the part that traditionally happens as homework, without help or support. Flipping changes the dynamics of teaching and learning.

I have also just completed the iPad Prepared certification course, which covers using Apps to enhance and transform the learning experience.

Check out Sophia.org and get upskilled to meet the needs of the digital learners in your classroom.

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