07 December 2013

Personlised Learning Playlists

My recent explorations led me to complete two courses on Sophia.org. Whilst doing so, I discovered 'Playlists'.
Sophia.org Playlists
Playlists are a collection of tutorials chosen to allow learners to pick and chose a learning path that best suits their particular needs. For example, if I wanted to teach Story Writing, I could create a playlist with tutorials covering story-mapping techniques, the stages of story-telling,  effective openers, and satisfactory endings. These may constititute the basics that all learners would need to know.

However, as is evident in any classroom today, the needs of the population are diverse. I know I would need to include some tutorials on basic writing techniques too - such as using correct sentence punctuation, maintaining tense and narrative perspective, how to accurately use speech marks, and using strong verbs.

Story Writing Playlist Sophia.org
I would also want some tutorials to push some of my more accomplished writers, such as effective opening, satisfactory resolutions and non-linear narratives, for example.

A playlist created on Sophia would allow me to include tutorial videos on all these aspects of story writing. Learners can then be instructed on which are MUST views, and which are MAY views. Learners can pick and choose the ones they need to progress, creating personlised learning pathways easily and quickly.

Register with Sophia.org to start creating personlised learning pathways easily - and for free. You don't need to be tech-savvy, as Sophia.org offers many tutorials already uploaded and these can be added to a playlist with a simple click. You can however upload and add your own videos if you want, and create a combination of your own and ready-made tutorials - some of which have been peer reviewed and endorsed. You choose how to share the playlist and being online, learners can access the playlist videos as and when they need to - meaning your playlists can be used to flip your classroom too!

Go to Sophia.org to learn more about creating playlists and start flipping personalising your lessons! Read my post on supporting struggling writes or EAL learners with Read&Write for Google.

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