08 December 2013

Supporting Struggling Writers with Read&Write for Google

In today's learning environments, we teach a huge range of diverse learners with greatly differing needs. 

Those fortunate to be in 1:1 or BYOD environments can take advantage of the many software apps and extensions, such as personalised playlists (Sophia.org) that exist to act as additional support for those who need it - technological teaching assistants! 

One app I have recently been exploring is the Read&Write for Google extension.

Read&Write for Google is a free* Google Chrome Web App that increases accessibility for struggling readers and writers, and can help offer assistance to EAL learners.

Read&Write for Google Tool Bar
Simply visit the Chrome Store and install, and a tab will appear
- on Google Docs

- on web sites
- it will also work with KES, PDF and ePub files.

Full features include text-to-speech, dictionary, fact finder, highlighting, word prediction, and Read Aloud with dual colour highlighting.

This video explains more or read the support document here and here.

* Access to Read&Write for Google is free for 30 days. Limited access is available for free after this time, but premium features require payment.

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