11 January 2014

Learners' Reading Challenge 2014

I have an obsession with books - as you may see from my posts:

I recently read an interesting post on Donalyn Miller's (@donalynbooksThe Book Whisperer blog entitled, 'What the Kardashians taught me about reading' by Christopher Lehman (@iChrisLehman). In it, Lehman suggests that we should learn from this family's technique of marketing themselves and, as educators, "brand ourselves as readers just as carefully so our students have that vision to aspire to".

Readers in my classroom library
I think am along the way to doing so: I read to share, I have created a library in my classroom of books I have personally read for my learners to borrow, they start every lesson with silent reading, they read for homework and keep a reading journal to document it, they write about their reading regularly.

My Book-a-Month Challenge 2014 shows how some Twitter friends and I have started a virtual book club and have challenged ourselves to read (at least) one newly released novel per month during 2014.

I have decided to set a similar challenge for my learners. We return to school on Monday 13 January. We end the school year on 13 June 2013. That gives my learners to chance to read and review five books (at least) between now and the end of the year. I imagine many of my learners will exceed this, but I know many jump around and never complete a book. I also want learners to start sharing their opinions with the community, it is an experience that enhances my reading so much, and I believe one that will help create a culture of readers.

After each of the books my learners read, they are required to blog or vlog a review. I will collect together these reviews on a dedicated page on my learning portal site. I also plan to create QR codes which I will stick into the books in the school library (or my classroom library) for the community to scan and enjoy.

I hope that sharing and reading peer reviews will help encourage a culture of reading that extends beyond my classroom walls.

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