30 January 2014

Year 7 Explore 'The Future of Fiction'

I am currently planning an inquiry based unit asking learners to think about the future of fiction.

Where fiction is going is of great interest to me. I own a few Kindles, though personally, have not fully integrated myself into this realm. I love the fact I can have a book in seconds - but, I still go out and buy the 'real' version of any I read and love on my Kindle. I do not think you can beat the feel and smell and sound of a brand new book.

Geek that I am, nothing excites me more than an hour or so to wander around Kinokunyia (Singapore hosts the largest store outside of Japan), or my lastest arrival from Amazon, of a stack of books to explore and lose myself in.

Throughout my MEd., I have been focusing on where reading and writing might be going for learners growing up in a digital age. I wrote an essay about Kindles, exploring whether they may re-engage learners who read less and less. I also wrote an essay entitled The Future of Fiction?, exploring how technology may enhance learners' engagement with writing.

Learning conversations in the staffroom has fuelled my thinking around these areas. For the past couple of months, I have been mulling over a unit exploring how technology can help to tell a story, and I have met and thrashed out a list of potential tools with the Digital Integrators (word up @Skypunch and @Edtechbailey).

My unit will be co-constructed with my Year 7s. We will cover the essential elements of stories, we will read lots of stories together and share our thoughts on them, we will decide together on the story to tell and what technology tools to use to tell the story.

My site, which is work in progress and updated in real time, can be seen HERE.

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