24 February 2014

Wild Self: Descriptive Writing using Avatars

To practise the great work we have done lately on figurative language, I decided to use the website Build Your Wild Self hosted by New York Zoos and Aquariums.

Learners had to create a Wild Self from the myriad possibilities of the selector tool. They then had to write a detailed description that would allow someone else to try to recreate the avatar they had designed. This meant they had to employ their newly polished descriptive writing skills.

Once they had written their descriptions, learners were put into pairs to read out their descriptions. Their partner had to draw what they heard and then compare to the original to see how well the descriptions had been written.

I enjoyed the cries of, "I used a simile Miss!" when they were drafting their descriptions and the results were incredible. The accuracy of the representations is testament to how well my learners are developing as writers from the opportunity Spilling Ink gives them to explore and play with language outside of formal assessment requirements.

A gallery of some of the recreations along with the original creations are below:-

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