19 June 2015

Explain Everything: Presenting & Sharing (Web 2.0 Tool 5)

Explain Everything is an app I downloaded onto my iPad probably two years ago... I had a tendency to get very excited by new tools and not allow myself the time to trial them properly - this was one such victim of my over-zealousness. But, now, I have the opportunity and a great excuse to have a proper play!

I found that I had to refer to the tutorials and help quite a lot to do what I wanted to do - which meant, perhaps, it was not particularly intuitive. It also took me about an hour to create a seven-slide presentation, which I am sure would become quicker with time. I do like how I can customise and add handwriting etc., and there is so much more potential to it than a regular presentation, so I think it is something I will continue to explore.

I have recorded my presentation for you to see - however, the microphone on my iPad Mini was not picking up sound effectively meaning I need to send it to my MacBook Air to add the audio, or use and external microphone - which is a little annoying.

Pros and Cons

- takes time to figure out; you have to watch the tutorials to really know how to use it fully - this means there is a lot to it, but it is not a download-and-go tool
- microphone and sound issues mean an extra element required to create a successful presentation
- cannot download the App to a laptop - requires a mobile device

- loads of functionality; can add handwritten notes, text, images, files, websites etc.
- very creative and personal - truly makes learning individual for your kids
- very different to regular presentation tools
- free - with no hidden extra costs!
- finished presentation can be uploaded directly to YouTube for easy sharing (and embedding into blogs!)

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