10 September 2014

Assistive Technology to Support Writing

I spoke at the Google Summit KL in 2013 about tech that enhances the reading and writing process. One of the apps I shared, Ginger, was one that I had been using as an assistive technology with a targeted number of learners who particularly struggle with spelling or who are dyslexic.

Whilst there are in-built spell checkers in a lot of word processing systems, Ginger differs because it
...analyzes the context of an entire sentence, and its corrections conform to the writer’s intended message. This method is especially successful for dyslexic students who often confuse words which sound the same but are spelled differently. 
Ginger is more sophisticated and identifies homophones, which helps many EAL/ESL learners too. In addition, rather than being isolated to one system, it highlights words in all online writing - including Blogger, email, Twitter etc.  Areas that need attention are highlighted and suggestions can be accepted or declined.

In readiness for IOS8, you can sign up for the new keyboard app HERE, available from the App Store. You can also visit the GingerSoftware site to download the app onto your computer or add the extension to your browser.

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