26 August 2014

Global Living & Connection

White Sand Beach, Coral Island nr Tioman Island
Since last July, I have had the privilege not only to have lived in Singapore but to have visited Thailand twice - Phuket last summer and Hua Hin for Christmas - Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Qatar and the beautiful Tioman Island in Malaysia three times! In fact, my family and I just spent the last three weeks on Tioman after a very stressful few weeks of job hunting (see Testing Times) and packing up to leave Singapore.

Upon our return from Tioman, we spent a lovely busy four days in Singapore visiting and saying goodbyes to all the wonderful friends we had made, before finally flying out to a new adventure in Qatar, where we arrived two days ago.

In the middle of all this, I have been offered the opportunity to Project Manage one of Julie Lindsay's Flat Connection projects, Global Youth Debate (formerly Eracism). This exciting project joins schools across the globe and provides essential skills of research, collaboration and communication. Debating hot topics asynchronously, teams share resources via Diigo and foster discussion on Edmodo, then battle it out via Voicethread for a place in the final. It provides a chance to use web 2.0 tools to develop a wider global perspective of the planet we all live on; it provides an insight into different cultures and beliefs, and this year's theme is all too relevant - Global Peace and Security.

I am proud to be part of this project. I have the luxury of travelling to, living in and learning about other cultures, but I didn't whilst at school. My children have the same luxury now and, as a result, have an open minded outlook towards people from all cultures. I am aware that not everyone has this opportunity and Global Youth Debate allows learners a connection and insight into peers' lives - without having the expense of travel.

The project is open to all schools and learners aged 10-18. Sign up is open from now through September for debating to commence in October. More information about this year's Global Youth Debate can be found on the website and teachers should read this guide for more information. 

If you think your school would be interested, please contact me+Julie Lindsay or visit the contact page to ask a question. Alternatively, you can email globaldebate@flatconnections.com, or go right ahead and sign up

Follow the project on Twitter @DebateGlobal or Facebook.

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