19 August 2012

PBL University

So far, so good...

Not bad considering I just moved house, countries and jobs in the past month. Hope I can keep it up :)

11 August 2012


I have today, managed to sit around the pool and plan out a PBL project that ties in with the PBL University course I am doing at the moment. My thinking at present has directly related to the questions needed to be completed for assignments and so far, I have got 100% for them.

PBL seems like the perfect way for me to tie together the different elements of the different curriculums I have experienced in my years of teaching. It allows me to develop autonomous learners who are independent and learning critical thinking skills and who can collaborate and communicate to be successful. It ties together the co-construction I developed last year with the personalised learning and assessment rubrics I want to develop this year.

The project i am working on for this certification - hopefully, if I get approval - will see me get learners to market the school whilst learning about persuasion. I am really excited and have some great ideas that will lead to some brilliant learning - I just need to write the outline, map it to the curriculum and then approach school to be allowed to use the mission statement etc AND ask someone to participate to do my entry event - ideally, I would like the principal to come into my classroom to ask the learners directly, though a video, email or memo would work too as I know they are busy.

Early days

I have spent the last two weeks in my new school. The learners return next week and I am still without a definitive timetable!

As a mini project, all learners will take part in a how to blog project. It is a culmination of an introduction to blogging that I wrote (adapted from some fab ideas found online, noted in the site) with some great ideas a new colleague has about learning who we are and how we express that in different contexts. It is great to be collaborating with an enthusiastic, intelligent and interesting teacher again and I am excited about the project. Interesting how things come out of adversity!

I am concerned about two things this year; one is the lack of IT at present which requires we to rethink my methodology - think I may explore IAuthor as an offline alternative - and the second is my PL for this year. I did want to focus on developing individual personalised rubrics, but I might need to train these learners up in co-constructing first as I did in my last school. I need to rethink my PL in the light of my new environment. Watch this space!