11 July 2012

Google Power Search

The first of my (brief) summer holiday PL commenced today, two days before the end of term. The transition between my school in Malaysia and my new school in Singapore has not fallen in my favour in terms of holidays, and my year long anticipatory list of things to do, try and learn has been sacrificed somewhat. However, I cannot waste the precious two weeks I do have and so, every new course I found that appeared to be of potential benefit, I signed up for.

Google Power Search was passed to me, as many PL ideas are, by my colleague Abena. It started out today with an introduction to how Google Search works - cool little animation about how their 'spiders' search out what we need for us, the myriad decisions they make and refinements they crosscheck - in the blink of any eye. Or quicker! It reviewed search parameters, the importance of keyword choices, word order and even how to hone the search when on a webpage. I am hoping the knowledge I gain from this course will be of benefit to my IB DP EE candidates in particular, and I would like to design a little course for them along a similar vein to aid in their Internet research.

The next lesson releases tomorrow. There are one and a half days left until the end of the year at NISP;  there are ten days until the packers arrive and eighteen days until I start my new job at NISS. In between I have Google Power Search, Google Apps for Educators and PBLU courses to complete. Oh, and six days in Thailand :)

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