6 December 2013

Chrome Classroom Certified

At the beginning of the year, I took the Flipped Classroom certification course offered by Sophia.org. I have also just taken and completed the Chrome Classroom certification program that aims to teach educators "how to use technology creatively and intelligently" in order to become "a better teacher--and inspire better students!"

The courses, which are endorsed and developed by Capella University, require you to watch a series of tutorials to "learn skills that help you get the most of cloud computing and collaborative technologies to seriously enhance your digital classroom".

Once you put all this learning into practice to demonstrate mastery by developing a tutorial, your certification is complete!

What's next - iPad Prepared Certification I guess. Why not collect the set?! :)

Read about the Flipped Classroom course and Flipped Classroom teaching.
Go to Sophia.org and learn more.

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