4 October 2014

Banner Creation

A project for my MEd this week, was to explore banners and free tools that can be used to create them. I was to create a 650x50 banner advertising me. I found this size outdated and small, so played around and added the one you can see in my Blog above!

I decided to use the images I have for my educational 'brand' across Twitter and Blogger and email; to ensure colour matching,  I used eye-dropper to select the exact shades for continuity.

First I went to Bannersnack, which allowed me to create an animated banner:-

Next, I went to BannerFan to create a simple static version:-

Finally, I had a lot of fun on PicMonkey creating a few different versions:-

Version 1
Version 2: added squiggle at the top
Version 3: added background texture of bubbles
Version 4: added a scrunched paper texture
Version 5: added a striped texture

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