16 March 2013

Google Forms for AfL

My focus this term for my Professional Learning has been on assessment. Our school focus for Professional Learning sessions has been on the holy trinity - Technology, Pedagogy, and Curriculum/Content.
Learners using Google Forms for Peer Assessment

In an attempt to create sound links between these three essential areas, different members of the school team led different workshops in a rotating carousel. For the technology element, a selection of tools and methods was showcased and then teachers signed up for further workshops in the areas they wanted to focus on. Workshop 1 or bit.ly/aflgoogle was my showcase.

Staff using Google Forms to give Feedback
(see post "Reflection & Revision"

I then led a series of short workshops, every three weeks (following the TPC rotation), on using Google Forms to help with Assessment for Learning in an attempt to meld the three areas together. In the first workshop (Workshop 2 or bit.ly/aflgoogle2) I gave a few examples and talked through how to set up a basic form. Attendees were requested to set on up to use before the next session three weeks later (Workshop 3 or bit.ly/aflgoogle3), where they were asked to reflect and share their form with the rest of the group.

The examples shared were great and all had had a go. They came with some questions that I was able to help them with and hope that they will continue to try and play around with Google as it has some great uses and it easy to share with learners to help with reflection and revision. More examples of how I have used Google Forms can be read in my recent post, "Reflection and Revision Opportunities: Check!"

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