18 May 2013

"A wonderful contribution to the field of global collaborative projects"

I am currently working on the culmination of my Flat Classroom Teacher Certification course, which is a collaborative Global Project Design. I have worked with a colleague from Wisconsin, USA to modify and develop my 'Dare to be Yourself' unit, designed for my Year 8 and 9 learners this term.

Originally written to address the problem of intolerance and lack of kindness, the 'Dare to be Yourself' unit, using the novel Stargirl, has been utilised to become a Global Project that can be delivered across the world and allow learners to connect and observe the similarities that exist in our world, with the hope of building individual, social and global conscience.

In preparation, the following feedback has been received from one of the course facilitators:-
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
from Goodreads

"AMAZING!!!! Seriously, this is one of the most thoroughly and thoughtfully planned out projects I have seen. You have chosen a timely and timeless topic that students across the globe will love. What I think is most valuable about it, is how grounded it is in English Language Arts standards that English teachers anywhere can use for an in depth unit of study. You’ve broken down the whole process beautifully with your week by week timeline and all of the resources that have been provided. The website is so well-designed and I think teachers and students alike will be energized and excited to take on this project. I love the Animoto handshake and the strong, explicit guidelines for netiquette and appropriate digital citizenship. The quad-blogging along the way is a wonderful way to develop community throughout the project and provides for rich engagement and discussion about the novel and its themes. The choice embedded in the final projects really allows students so much creative freedom to express their ideas and take action. I love the celebration/showcase piece as well...global dance in Google Hangout, too much fun!! This is the type of project that will stick with students their entire lives. Bravo!!!

I strongly encourage you to incubate this project in the Fall...it really is a wonderful contribution to the field of global collaborative projects!"

To receive feedback like this from a respected global educator with extensive experience in this field is so heart-warming. This is my first attempt at global project design and to receive such glowing feedback boosts my confidence and reassures me that I am able to compete in a blossoming field. To think that my work can contribute to "the field of global collaborative projects" is incredibly reassuring and exciting!

The final presentation happens on Sunday 19 May at 8am Singapore time/Saturday 18 May at 7pm Wisconsin time via Blackboard Collaborate and a blog will follow.


  1. It is good netiquette to be yourself on the internet. I commend you for teaching children this important concept. Keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations, Holly! I knew you would be such an outstanding global leader. It has always been evident in the conversations and content you've added. Congratulations on successful completion of the course! you rock!

  3. Thanks Vicki - it has been awesome. The support and encouragement has been worth it alone - never mind all the learning :) Thanks so much.


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