24 May 2013

Learning Junkie Strikes Again...

In the academic year 2012-2013 I took or qualified in the following Professional Learning:-

Extended Essay Category 3 Training (IBO, Malaysia)
Google Apps for Education Teacher Certification
Presenting Read? Me? at Hands on Literacy Conference 2012 (Singapore)
Designing New Learning Spaces (Stanford University)
Professional Learning in the Digital Age (Virtual book club with the author)
English B IB Diploma Training (IBO, Online)
E-learning and Digital Cultures (Edinburgh University)

Most of the learning from the above is documented in this blog. 

Now, at the end of the year, not feeling the need to slow down for some reason, I have begun my Masters in Education and Instructional Technology at the University of Maryland University College.
This advanced degree program focuses on integrating technology in the preK-12 schools to strengthen and transform teaching and learning. The program provides the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate technology effectively into preK-12 curricula, instruction, and assessment; to develop expertise in current and emerging instructional technologies; to gain deep understanding of the role of technology in the contemporary school; and to lead change efforts at the classroom, school, and district levels.

These pages will document my exploration and learning throughout this course - which, with a full teaching job, may take some time ;)

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